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Why always a “YES” is big NO NO

Why always a “YES ” is big NO NO –  


To become a good Leader, I always choose to read Leadership articles and books. Few days ago I read an article which said – people who keep silent, those who always say “YES BOSS” have high chances to grow in an organization than people who talk their mind or try to put across their point of view.

I started to think is that what management looks for people who accept whatever is said.

Does this work for me also?

The answer was “NO”.

How can I take a good decision if, there will not be a discussion or if I am not getting any inputs from my team members.

Imagine a scenario – where I call upon my team members to discuss a new procedure change in the process. I explain the new procedure to them and on asking for inputs, everybody says “YES” it is a good idea.  But after few days we start facing the problem, team says they expected to face this when the procedure was discussed.

Then why nobody spoke up to discuss the problem? After discussing individually with each of the team members it came up that they did not want to speak up in a meeting to say the procedure will not fit in as none of them will want to make a negative impression.

Does putting your thought across in a meeting really a negative impression?

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Is there a good time to post on Facebook?

Is there a good time to post on Facebook?

YES! There is good time to post on Facebook. The good time will vary from business to business or say will depend on your audience.

One should find out the good time to post on their page.  But the question is how?

Study your audience –


You have to study your audience to find out the good time for you. For the pages having audience in one particular time zone will be much easy, however for the pages catering the audiences in multiple time zone will be little difficult.

Find out who your audience are

Focus on the age group and the activities of your audience.

Are they college going?

Are they working population?

All these questions will help you find who your audiences are and what time they will be likely to be on Facebook to see your post.

What does the page insights say?


The page admin should keep a close eye on the page insights as the audience behavior may differ from week to week.

Page insights give you a clear picture of your fans behavior. Page admin should go to

See Insights ->Posts ->when your fans are online

Select the best time to post on the page by seeing the graph. By hovering over the graph one can find out the time when the most fans are online (it shows how many fans are online each hour).

One can also find out at what time fans are online each day by clicking on a particular day under the “Days” tab.

What is generally the good time to post on Facebook

Early morning

Lunch time (Break time at work)

Before bed time

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