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Coolest Social Media Campaigns of Quarter 2, 2014 (India)

Social Media Marketing Campaigns of Quarter 2,2014, India


What is Social Media?


Social media is information sharing platform where the users create, share or exchange content. It creates a highly interactive platform by allowing the user to generate, co – create, share, discuss and modify user generated content.

Social media is different than editorial media as the content is not published by few people or people who are employed by an organization. The content on Social Media is generated and published by the users on their own will.

The Social Media channels can also be called as the Social Networks. Few of the examples of Social Media Networks can be – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, WordPress etc.

Not all the Blogs come under social media. The blogs like Tech Crunch and Mashable are editorial blog and the users can only consume the blog post.

Social media sites can be classified as –

Social Networking sites – such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Content sharing sites – such as YouTube, Flickr, Slide Share etc.

Social Discussion Forms and Social Games platforms also come under Social Media category.

Social Media reach is big and the users are very active on these platform. By having access to Social Media sites on smart phones the users have easy access to Social media sites. This is the reason Social Media sites are now used for different purposes by different business such as –

• Advertising the products

• Generating leads

• Hiring of new employees – with the help of LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

• Directing Traffic to the Website – by sharing content on different social media

• Contact generation

• Increasing business opportunities

• Crowd Sourcing

• Contact Generation

• Increasing Sales

• Relationship Management (CRM)

• Query resolution (if any)

• Reputation building

• Crowd Funding

It is no more optional for the businesses to be on Social Media.

Is there a good time to post on Facebook?

Is there a good time to post on Facebook?

YES! There is good time to post on Facebook. The good time will vary from business to business or say will depend on your audience.

One should find out the good time to post on their page.  But the question is how?

Study your audience –


You have to study your audience to find out the good time for you. For the pages having audience in one particular time zone will be much easy, however for the pages catering the audiences in multiple time zone will be little difficult.

Find out who your audience are

Focus on the age group and the activities of your audience.

Are they college going?

Are they working population?

All these questions will help you find who your audiences are and what time they will be likely to be on Facebook to see your post.

What does the page insights say?


The page admin should keep a close eye on the page insights as the audience behavior may differ from week to week.

Page insights give you a clear picture of your fans behavior. Page admin should go to

See Insights ->Posts ->when your fans are online

Select the best time to post on the page by seeing the graph. By hovering over the graph one can find out the time when the most fans are online (it shows how many fans are online each hour).

One can also find out at what time fans are online each day by clicking on a particular day under the “Days” tab.

What is generally the good time to post on Facebook

Early morning

Lunch time (Break time at work)

Before bed time